What is SAYSO? How does it work?

Sayso is a 3 minute solution to creating premium craft cocktails. SAYSO comes in tea bag format, but unlike regular tea, infuses with cold water! All you have to do is combine water and spirits, steep your cocktail tea bag for ~3 minutes, add ice, and voilà --the perfect cocktail, every time. If you rustle the sachet, it will infuse in around 1 minute. SAYSO is also delicious as a mocktail. Simply swap spirits for water or non-alcoholic spirits.

Is SAYSO tea?

Like tea, our recipes include some dehydrated fruit, herbs and spices. However, unlike tea, we also include sugar or sugar substitutes, as well as all-natural fruit and herb powders for instant infusion. SAYSO is crafted to enjoy as a cocktail or mocktail.

What makes SAYSO different?

Sayso is creating a new category in the beverage space. 

Traditional ready-to-drink mixers taste artificial and are super high in sugar. Cocktail kits are labor intensive. Most dry infusions take 24-48 hours to make. 

Sayso is all-natural, delicious, and ready in 3 minutes.

Is there any alcohol in SAYSO?

No, there's no alcohol in SAYSO. We ask customers to add water and spirits themselves to make a cocktail. For a mocktail, omit the spirits and add some extra water or club soda.

Can I travel with SAYSO?

Yes! SAYSO is perfect for when you're on the go. Bring it with you on a plane, to the beach, camping, or wherever you please!


Do you offer a subscription?

Yes! You can subscribe to receive SAYSO monthly with a 12.5% discount. On each product page, you will see the option to subscribe and save. You can cancel, change, or swap your subscription at any time.

Can I send SAYSO as a gift?

Of course. You can send the order directly to the recipient and include a gift note during checkout.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do. Click here.


Do you offer returns/exchanges?

We accept returns for 14 days within receipt of product, for unopened SAYSO boxes.

If you received a box of SAYSO as a gift and would like to exchange it for a different flavor, we accept exchanges for 14 days within date of receipt for unopened boxes.

To process your return, email us at hello@drinksayso.com, and we will send you a return shipping label.

When will my order ship?

Orders ship out within 1 business day, and are expected to arrive on average in 3-5 business days.