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Cinco de Mayo Margarita Guide

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and we need no excuse for more margaritas in our lives. We've put together a little guide so you can give your margaritas your own special twist!

How To Put Your Own Twist on a Spicy Margarita:

You'll be needing a box of Sayso Skinny Spicy Margaritas as the base for these fun twists. 

1. Make it spicier! 

By leaving the Steep't teabag in for longer, the margarita will get spicier. Turn it up a notch!

2. Add a splash of fresh juice

Spicy Margaritas pair especially well with pineapple juice -- the sweetness of the pineapple cuts the spice of the jalapeño well for nice balance. If you don't want any sweetness, try grapefruit juice! The tart flavor is refreshing and will leave you coming back for more. Feel free to add any juice you have on hand--anything goes here.

3. Salt the rim

We love a salted rim -- it's classic and delicious. Use whatever salt you have at home. To mix it up even more, make a spiced salt! Combine spices from your pantry (chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper) with salt for extra depth of flavor. 

4. Cute drinkware! 

Putting your margarita into cute drinkware may just be the easiest way to mix things up. We especially love this Llama Party Set from Coterie--complete with cups and straws for your margaritas, as well as a full dining set for those tacos you'll sure to be devouring.


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