• “Move over, pre-mixed cocktails.”

  • “The process to make one of their drinks is fairly idiot proof”

  • “Yes. Tea bags only they make cocktails. It’s a great day to be alive”

What are you in the mood for?

Satisfy the craving for your favorite cocktail with zero mess and zero stress.

Cocktail or Mocktail

All-natural ingredients

Low calorie & low sugar

Ready in 3 minutes

No hot water required

Create a delicious and easy cocktail or mocktail in minutes.

  • 01. Combine spirits and cold water (omit spirits or use non-alc spirits for a mocktail)

  • 02. Infuse sachet for 3 minutes

  • 03. Add ice & voilà!

Our difference

All of the flavor without any of the fuss. We're the only mixer that is:


Low sugar

Actually makes a FULL flavor delicious cocktail/mocktail!

You don't need anything else but SAYSO, spirits, and cold water.

99% 5 star reviews

"I was SO impressed with the authentic taste and how easy they are. LOVE! I'm literally obsessed." Aisling

"SO GOOD. I was skeptical at first, but WOW this is one of the best margaritas I've ever had and I made it at home in 3 minutes." Laura

"Love them all soo much. The concept is so innovative, looks chic, and tastes so good… even with sparkling water." Andrea

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